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Samburu & Assimilation

I recently made a post of 3 images of the Samburu Warriors of Kenya. All 3 images are for sale to help the tribe build schools to educate their children. The assimilation comes, in the need to learn english and to be educated in order to better protect their lands and their traditions, as they face either extinction: due lack of jobs or ignorance. The proud Samburu Warriors who have been known to “run to danger and protect” are facing climate change, a loss of livestock and a need to educate their young in not only traditional ways but in business and math which can only allow them to maneuver the changes of the new century. I was honored to have met Chief George and a few of the Warriors in new York as they came to request aid. I was a little shocked that it was only a board room of caucasians when we all know Africa has to help Africa. It pained my heard to imagine that tribe gone and only a faded memory. We are all part of the diaspora, and are Africans. Africa can only help Africa. Blacks are bound to the land. knowing this I just want a part of my art to not just perpetuate the tourism of Africans by westerners but to actually make an impact on lives and children. Even in the face of change, they remain true to their unique way of life. It was a very humbling experience…. So i’m asking, and begging publicly for donations.

It would be a blessing if you guys donated for the cause :)

“We face neither East nor West. We face forward.”
Kwame Nkrumah

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